Window Cleaning in Solihull (2019)

At Squeaky Solihull we do not just clean your glass, all the window frames, sills and doors,
front and back are included as part of a clean.

Squeaky Solihull Window Cleaning Price Guide 2019

Squeaky Solihull window Cleaning


First clean 

£ 25.00

Monthly clean

£ 12.50

Bi – Monthly

£ 15.00


First clean 

£ 30.00

Monthly clean

£ 15.50

Bi – Monthly

£ 18.00


First clean 

£ 36.00

Monthly clean

£ 18.00

Bi – Monthly

£ 22.00

Large Detached

First clean 

£ 44.00

Monthly clean

£ 22.50

Bi – Monthly

£ 26.00

Squeaky Solihull Conservatory Roof Deep Cleaning Price Guide 2019

10 roof panels
(per panel)

£ 10.00

10-15 roof panels (per panel)

£ 8.00

15-20 roof panels (per panel)

£ 6.00

20+ roof panels (per panel)

£ 5.00

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

We use a very soft nylon bristled brush on a stick!

Using demineralised water
(water without the minerals)

We can reach windows up to 3 stories high, Great for getting those windows above conservatories!

This cleans allows us to clean all aspects of the windows, frames and sills... Front and back doors are included as standard too!

Window Cleaning in Solihull

Conservatory Roof Deep Cleaning

By applying an Alkaline cleaning solution to the conservatory roof it can break down years worth of dirt!

Not only do we clean the conservatory roof panels we clean all aspects of the exterior of the conservatory.

Call it a conservatory valet - Our customers typically use this service once per year

Fascia and Soffit cleaning is a great addition to this service to give your home added curb appeal!

Conservatory Roof Cleaning in Solihull