Week One

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

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First blog

Looking for a window cleaner in Solihull but cant decide who to choose? I know the feeling, just choose Squeaky Solihull! I’m sure this isn’t the best way to start my first ever blog post. I’m an engineer by profession but always loved business and now I’m starting up a Solihull window cleaning business. Since October I have been building my window cleaning van in my spare time, creating a website. The creating and building process was super fulfilling and now Squeaky Solihull is in week one of business and I hope to create something of value in these blog posts. That could be a cleaning tip or hack but also to keep a record of the start up business journey and the work carried out with some satisfying before and after pictures, I’m also hoping this blogging process will become clearer as time goes by.

Week One: The GOOD The BAD And The UGLY

‘As a good format I thought Clint Eastwood would be a great guy to help with some of the business start up perils. There have been some good, bad and ugly moments, its all been very exciting though. I thought I should mention this week I’ve not been at work so I’ve been able to give every day to starting up, I’m sure next week will be different when I’m back at my job.

The GOOD’.

This week I have had thirteen regular customers! Five of them are family and friends, the support was amazing! Squeaky Solihull now has customers in Shirley, Hillfield, Monkspath, Knowle and Dorridge. So officially I’m now a window cleaner in Solihull. There’s two main areas I’m focusing on the most going forward. Quality, I’m completing every job to the highest standard. It’s taking me a lot longer than expected to clean all the windows and frames with an alkaline cleaner but I’m hoping for very happy customers. I have had a few referrals because of it! The second area I’m focusing on is customer service, I’m genuinely interested in people so I’m spending time getting to know my customers, being positive, upbeat. It’s been the best part of the job so far.


The good the bad and the ugly


‘The BAD’

My first day I thought I should go canvasing or door knocking, regardless of the name it was so tough. I was defeated to say the least. As a kid at maybe 10 or 12 years old I would go out with a bucket and sponge cleaning cars and have no problem ringing door bells and getting customers. This time round it was nothing like the car washing days. I had two days off, dropping leaflets taking what I thought was the easy route… I had to canvas again, that would be the best way to get customers but I had to change. My attitude was wrong, so I went into it with a way more positive mindset and I got a few customers! Having these small wins really built my confidence and made the business feel all the more real.

‘The UGLY’

The job is a lot more physical than I first thought. It had been pretty mild weather wise too and the coldest months are ahead. On the plus side it’s great exercise, it’s outdoors and I’ve met some great people.

I’m not to sure how to wrap up a blog but I know the next post will be on Sunday.

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